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How do I cancel a service?

We're sorry to hear you are considering cancelling your service. If there is anything that we can improve on or possibly change, please open up a ticket with your concerns and it will be immediately forwarded to management for review. 

Cancelling a service, such as a shared hosting account, VPS, cloud system, or dedicated server is submitted through your client area only. If you would like to cancel a domain, please follow the guide here.

Due to security concerns, we are unable to accept cancellation requests through live chat or from a sales ticket. 

To cancel your service, please complete the following:

1 Login to your client area at

2 Click Services and then My Services in the navigation. 

Cancel account

3 Click View Details next to the account you wish to cancel. Confirm that you have selected the correct service on the next page.

Cancel account 2

4 Click Management Actions and then Request Cancellation.

Cancel account 3

5 On the following screen, select either "Immediate" or "End of Billing Period" cancellation. If there is a domain associated with the hosting package, you may have the option to cancel this at the same time.

Cancel account 4

After hitting request cancellation at the bottom, you should receive email confirmation of the request. If the cancellation request was submitted in error, please immediately open up a support ticket.

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