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Create an email account via cPanel

So, you just got your new InclusiveHost cPanel account and you need to setup your email accounts?  Look no further, in this article we will walk you through setting up a new email account.

1 First, login to cPanel.  The cPanel login url can be accessed via "", or if your domain is not pointing to our DNS yet it can be accessed via your servers hostname, for example "".  You should get to a login page that looks like this:

2  Here you will enter your cPanel username/password and click the "login" button to proceed to the next step.  The cPanel login details were provided to you in the "welcome email" that was sent to your email when you first signed up.  If you don't know your cPanel user/pass it can be found via the client area, or you can contact support for assistance in retreiving this. 

3 Once logged in, click on "email accounts" as shown here:

4 Within the "email accounts" page, you will enter the new email user you wish to create first, enter your desired password next, then re-enter your password.  Click "create account" as shown:

Note: If you cannot think of a secure password, you an use the "password generator" shown in the screenshot above.  This will automatically generate a secure password that you can use for the account, just make sure that you save this password somewhere safe for future reference.

5 That's it!  You can repet step 4 to create additional accounts.  Once the accounts are setup you can access them either via webmail (, or you can configure them within your email client.  Please see our "email" knowledgebase section for more details on setting up a new email account with your specific email client.

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