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How do I cancel my domain?

Unlike hosting services, there isn't a cancellation button for domains. In order to cancel your domain name you'll just simply let it expire. In order to set your domain names to expire and not automatically renew, please follow the guide below:

1 Login to your InclusiveHost client area. In the main navigation, click "Domains" and then "My Domains". 
Domain Selection

2 Click "Manage Domain" next to the domain name you wish to cancel.

Manage Domain
3 In the sub-menu, click the "Auto Renew" tab.
Domain Auto Renew
4 Click "Disable Auto Renew". Your domain name will now automatically expire once it passes the expiration period. Please note that the domain name will not be automatically available for registration once it expires at the original expire date, as there is an automatic redemption period applied.

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