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How do I register custom nameservers?

For VPS, dedicated, and cloud systems, the DNS service is actually hosted on your individual server. In order to utilize this service, you'll need to setup custom nameservers - which look like and 

Registration of custom nameservers at InclusiveHost is as follows:

1 Login to your InclusiveHost client area. In the main navigation, click "Domains" and then "My Domains". 

Domain Management

2 Click "Manage Domain" next to the domain name you wish to register custom name servers for.

Domain Management

3 In the sub-menu, click "Management Tools" and then "Register Nameservers"

Custom nameservers

4 On the following page you'll have the option to register a new name server, modify a current name server, or even delete a name server:

Custom nameservers

The "IP address" field will need to be populated with the data that we have provided to you. Once these are registered, it's important to note that the domain name is not automatically pointed to them. You will need to point your domain name to these new custom nameservers if you want to actually use them.

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