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How to perform an MTR test in Windows 7

MTR is a combination of a ping and a traceroute test. This is a useful for pinpointing network problems, that may lead to your website appearing offline or slow for only certain users. 

This tutorial shows you how to complete a test and save the results.

1 Download the WinMTR program from

2 Extract the provided ZIP file to a folder you can easily navigate to. Navigate into the extracted folders until you get to the WinMTR application, as shown below (it is normally several folders deep):

Windows 7 MTR
3 Accept the warning about the publisher.
Windows 7 MTR
4 Enter the domain name you wish to start the MTR test on in the "Host" box - where I have input ""

Windows 7 MTR
5 Click Start after you've input your domain. For this test, I am using an example of
Windows 7 MTR

You should have your test run for at least 30 "sent and received" points. You will see these increment in the following area during your test:
Windows 7 MTR

You may then stop the test, and save your results by clicking "Export TEXT" and then saving this result to a text file. Please then attach this text file to your support ticket. If you just copy and paste the contents, the formatting may be unreadable. 

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